Last game of regular season was important for Spartak because of possibility to choose the opponent for the first round. In case of win, we book #6 place and will go to Yaroslavl in other we could play against SKA or CSKA. Spartak dominated on the ice for the whole first period especially after a goal from Bogdan Yakimov but our team had a problem with scoring and not just this night.

Severstal played accurate in their own zone limiting our chances to overplay Dominik Furch. They allowed us only to make three shots on goal and doubled their lead in the end of the frame. Furch had a solid game tonight and their defensemen played an accurate clearing all our possibilities to score. The final minutes were near Severstal’s net but Vadim Kudako only scored an empty-net goal to seal a win for Cherepovets. It’s time to score and to win and we will have this opportunity in first round of playoffs against SKA on Tuesday.

Severstal – Spartak – 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Yakimov (Khokhlov, Monakhov, 05:03), 2:0 Grachyov (Kudako, Zakharchuk, 38:12), 3:0 Kudako (Yakimov, 57:21, SH, EN)