Regular season resumed the next day after KHL All-Star Game in Kazan where we had two players goalie Julius Hudacek and forward Ilya Zubov. Both of them took part in morning session and then played against Torpedo.

The game started with early goal from Robin Hanzl who buried the puck in front of the net. In this episode Torpedo’s goalie, Stanislav Galimov got hurt and was replaced by Andrei Tikhomirov. Soon Artyom Fyodorov scored from the crease to extend our lead. Torpedo did not give up as Andrew Calof used a power play chance in the beginning of the second frame.

Soon Alexander Osipov restored our lead with a long-range shot. The game was decided when Evgeny Kulik fired top-shelf instead of giving a pass to Artyom Voronin. Later Anatoly Nikontsev came out of penalty box and sent the puck into empty net. It was 15th goal for Nikontsev this season and he set a new personal record for regular season scoring. Maxim Trunyov set the final result.

Spartak – Torpedo – 6:1 (2:0, 1:1, 3:0)

Goals: 1:0 Hanzl (Leshchenko, 00:33), 2:0 Fyodorov (Nikontsev, 09:27, PP), 2:1 Calof (Holm, Sabolic, 20:28, PP), 3:1 Osipov (Nikontsev, Hanzl, 24:21), 4:1 Kulik (Tsyplakov, 49:03), 5:1 Nikontsev (Voronin, Goncharov, 51:50), 6:1 Trunyov (Daugavins, Hanzl, 59:02)