For hockey fans, the summer is the hardest time of the year. They wait the all three months when the new season would start and even preseason games or training camps could not help them. So, when we are coming to fall time their emotions and hearts are getting ready to the game.

Tonight Spartak opened new season with grand feast near Park Legend arena. Our staff prepared for this day the next day when previous season ended in March. Six months of expectation is a very long time. Our employees worked for this opening all-night long when the event was closer and closer.

We tried to surprise our fans. We hoped that we succeeded. We liked many kids around arena and thanks to their parents for this opportunity to feel what is to be Red-White from childhood. We organized a special offer youngster to give them a chance to be named ‘spartach’. Olympic champion Boris Mayorov, Kharlamov Cup winner Artyom Batrak and player of current squad Ruslan Pedan took many kids in ‘spartachs’.

It was a real life near arena. You could drink lemonade and eat burgers, take part in quest at Hockey museum or just enjoy the sunny day listening to cover-band Crazy Beats.

However, it was not enough. Not for fans, but for fans. Spectators enjoyed a lot of non-ice opportunities at the arena. Singer Alex Svik was special guest this night. He warmed the crowd and then team helped spectators to fully enjoy this night. Hope it was for a reason and people who firstly come to our game would continue come and enjoy Spartak hockey