This series became real wild and next game was so important for both teams. Our coaches decided to fill the roster with the same players at two days ago. Teams started this game with a lot of attacks where our team has better possibilities to open the scoreboard. Ilya Zubov and Robin Hanzl had a couple of them.

Later we became more play on the breakaways waiting for out chance. One of them was created by our goalie Julius Hudacek who fitter Artyom Fyodorov with a nice pass and then Artyom Zlobin opened the score. It was an accurate game from our side until the third period started.

Our players took a lot of minor penalties that led to two power play goals from SKA. Hudacek was unbelievable this night but can’t stop shots from Maxim Karpov and David Runblad. The Swede became for us an evil genius scoring two winning game goals in last two contests. In the last minutes we tried to make another comeback. Not this time. Red-Whites returned to Moscow to make it possible to move this series to game #7. Do or die mode starts.

SKA – Spartak – 2:1 (0:0, 0:1, 2:0)

Goals: 0:1 Zlobin (Hudacek, Fyodorov, 24:04), 1:1 Karpov (Datsyuk, Gusev, 48:32, PP), 2:1 Rundblad (Yakupov, Plotnikov, 54:06, PP)