After great two games on the road, our fans expected these home games of the series a lot. Therefore, the fire was on the ice and on the stands. Mikhail Grigoryev returned to our lineup. After the start of the series, it was seemed that our team will not change their game plan and would still play with a great passion and would wait for their chance.

Penalties became the real problem for us that night. SKA scored four PP goals and managed a first win in the series. Our PP units did not do well especially when we got 5-minute chance after Igor Shestyorkin game misconduct tripping call on Kaspars Daugavins. The Latvian was sent directly to the hospital during the game.

From our prospective, our guys showed the character. Maxim Goncharov’s fight against Ilya Kablukov would be one the most exciting moments of these playoffs in the whole league. It was a one good sign when we scored twice after not managing to do it for five home games with SKA. The more important is that Shestyorkin and Hellberg conceded the pucks. Red-Whites lost in the game #3 but the battle is not over yet.

Spartak – SKA 2:5 (0:1, 1:3, 1:1)

Goals: 0:1 Gusev (Rundblad, Datsyuk, 15:11, PP), 0:2 Gusev (Hersly, Plotnikov, 22:27, PP), 0:3 Gavrikov (Tokranov, Datsyuk, 23:12, PP), 1:3 Fyodorov (24:55), 1:4 Barabanov (Hersly, Belov, 34:28, PP), 2:4 Zlobin (Chernykh, Leshchenko, 58:02), 2:5 Koskiranta (Tikhonov, Karpov, 59:26, EN)