Our coaches made a rotation after game against Metallurg. Defensemen Tobias Viklund, Andrei Kuteikin, forward Denis Kokarev returned to our lineup.

Teams started the game with great energy. On 5th minute we showed a great attack which ended with a perfect snipe from Dmitry Vishnevsky who was able to come so close to the net. Later Andrei Kuteikin fired from the board with hope that the moment will lead to something dangerous instead the puck got in. Our run was finished with a breakaway goal by Artyom Fyodorov in the middle of the first frame.

Before the first intermission Alexander Burmistrov cut our lead. In the second period home team got a momentum after they survived during our 2-man advantage chance. In the third teams did not show to many emotions on the ice. Robin Hanzl was lucky on the rebound to extend our lead. Then Anton Zlobin made our lead bigger with a beauty play. The final score was set by Salavat Yulaev with 22 seconds left to play.

Spartak will continue road trip in Kazan against the best team of the East.

Salavat Yulaev – Spartak 2:5 (1:3, 0:0, 1:2)

Goals: 0:1 D.Vishnevsky (Rylov, Galimov, 04:54), 0:2 Kuteikin (Zlobin, 06:18), 0:3 Fyodorov (Kuteikin, Kokarev, 12:14), 1:3 Burmistrov (Krikunov, Soshnikov, 19:38), 1:4 Hanzl (52:17), 1:5 Zlobin (Nikontsev, Yunkov, 55:25), 2:5 Soshnikov (59:38, PP)

Goalies: Metsola, Kareyev - Hudacek