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Getting closer to the Play-offs
Spartak defeated Sochi in an almost perfect way.

Spartak started the final home series of the regular season with a matchup against Sochi. We’re extremely needed points to secure our playoffs position. Pavel Chernov replaced Mikhail Yunkov in the lineup.

It was almost perfect game from our side. The team didn’t have problems in the transition game, shoot a lot, control the puck in their own end. In the first period Sergei Shirokov pulled us ahead with a great snipe. In the second period, we converted half of our powerplay opportunities to make it 3-0. In the third period Lehtera and Shirokov scored their second goals of the night. Later Sochi scored their lonely goal.

The final score was set by Martin Bakos with help from Pavel Chernov who picked his 100th KHL point for an assist. It was Shirokov’s third four-point night in KHL, he repeated his personal and our club records for most goals in regular season sitting at 22. In the next two games he could make this season more special for him and for our team.

Spartak – Sochi 6:1 (1:0, 2:0, 3:1)

Goals: 1:0 Shirokov (Vishnevsky, 16:22), 2:0 Lehtera (Shirokov, Bakos, 25:06, PP), 3:0 Fyodorov (Rylov, Talaluyev, 34:06, PP), 4:0 Lehtera (Nikishin, Shirokov, 42:56), 5:0 Shirokov (Lehtera, Radil, 48:40), 5:1 Rudenkov (Valentsov, Miromanov, 49:41), 6:1 Bakos (Rylov, Chernov, 55:33)

Goalies: Hudacek - Kulbakov