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Unlucky video review
Spartak lost to Dynamo for the fourth time in 2019-20 season.

On February, 23 Spartak faced with Dynamo for the fourth time this season. Unfortunately, Red-Whites lost in first three contests this year and this game was kind of prologue for first round playoffs clash between these two teams.

Coaches returned to the lineup defensemen Andrei Kuteikin and Evgeny Kulik, forward Ilya Zubov. Pavel Khomchenko started the game in the net when Julius Hudacek got some rest.

From the beginning our team showed what the opposite should expect in first round, a lot of shots, battles, less penalties. However, Dynamo scored first on the 6th minute when Vyacheslav Kulyomin opened the scoreboard. The momentum changed in the second Dynamo played better but Khomchenko stayed solid in the net.

In the beginning of the third our players finally used a breakaway chance. Captain Anatoly Nikontsev tied the game in style. Later we missed our opportunities to grab some lead. In overtime Alexander Khokhlachyov scored a goal that was disallowed after video review because of too many players on the ice for our team. In shootout series Dynamo scored once more than we are.

Spartak will finish regular season on 5th spot waiting for the opponent in playoffs.

Dynamo Moscow – Spartak 2:1 SO (1:0, 0:0, 0:1, 0:0 1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Kulyomin (Muranov, 05:27), 1:1 Nikontsev (Fyodorov, 44:56), 2:1 Bryukvin (65:00)

Goalies: Bocharov – Khomchenko