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Hard loss in Cherepovets
The Red-Whites suffered a bitter loss against Severstal.

After the win against Kunlun Red Star our coaching staff made a number of changes. The main one happened at the goalie position. Alexander Trushkov started the game in the net, Julius Hudacek was out of the lineup, so it allowed us to use five field imports.

Severstal started better but soon we were able to move the game out of our net. We had better statistics in the first period, but unfortunately in the end Severstal opened the scoreboard. In the second we started to get penalties and most of them happened in enemy waters.

And our enemies use two of them to make a great 3-0 lead against our troops. In the third, we decided to save the game. Yakov Rylov scored from the powerplay opportunity, then Lukas Radil made it 3-2 for Severstal.

With 4:16 left to play we allowed the breakaway that concluded the battle in this game. Later Vladislav Kodola sent an empty-netter to set a final score.

Severstal – Spartak 5:2 (1:0, 2:0, 2:2)

Goals: 1:0 Morozov (Abdul, Berglund, 15:44), 2:0 Vovchenko (Kodola, Geraskin, 28:36, PP), 3:0 Petunin (Nattinen, Kodola, 32:52, PP), 3:1 Rylov (Vishnevsky, Nikontsev, 41:29, PP), 3:2 Radil (Shirokov, 47:31), 4:2 Petunin (Vikharev, Kodola, 55:44), 5:2 Kodola (Petunin, Vovchenko, 59:37, EN)

Goalies: Podyapolsky – Trushkov, Khomchenko