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Crazy comeback
Spartak made a huge comeback to get a first win in the series against Dynamo.

Red-Whites were on the edge before the third game of the series. After bitter loss in Game 2, it was necessary to jump to the game with a fresh mind.
Unfortunately, Spartak conceded three pucks in first five minutes, two of them came from our ex-players Igor Polygalov and Kirill Lyamin. After two goals coaches changed goalie and Nikita Bespalov came to the net.
After third goal coaches took a time-out that launched our comeback. In two minutes Ilya Zubov scored our first goal of the night. With 0:06 in first period Artyom Fyodorov with a beautiful snipe made it 2-3. In the second period Alexander Khokhlachyov used a great pass from Maxim Tsyplakov – 3-3.
In one minute Michal Cajkovsky restored their lead. In the end of third period Patrik Hersley scored on powerplay to turn the game into overtime. We survived two penalty killings in overtime and then Mikhail Kotlyarevsky converted a pass from Mikhail Yunkov to give us a first win of the series.
We will come back to action on March, 8.

Spartak – Dynamo Moscow – 5:4 OT (2:3, 1:1, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals: 0:1 Polygalov (Tarasov, 00:53), 0:2 Lyamin (Tarasov, Shipachyov, 03:12, PP), 0:3 Muranov (Yefremov, Kulyomin, 04:34), 1:3 Zubov (Nikishin, 06:28), 2:3 Fyodorov (I.Visnevsky, 19:54), 3:3 Khokhlachyov (Tsyplakov, 33:14), 3:4 Cajkovsky (Jaskin, Shipachyov, 34:39), 4:4 Hersley (Kuteikin, Khokhlachyov, 57:16, PP), 5:4 Kotlyarevsky (Tsyplakov, Yunkov, 75:27)

Goalies: Hudacek, Bespalov - Bocharov