Terrible tragedy happened seven years ago near Yaroslavl. Seemed it happened only yesterday, but these deep wounds cannot be healed. Because medicine does not have any drugs for this.
Does time treat?

Yes, the pain is dull, we get used to the fact that our people are no longer with us. But where to get away the memories from those kind minutes, hours, days, years that we spent with them? The time heals from unhappy love, but when you lost close people, time cannot heal. Forty-four people who was in the airplane were our family members. Even any of us did not know them. In hockey world we are close to each other, we come to the rink, breath one locker room air; live the game that we chose by our heart.

It is usual that after the tragedy we learnt that some of these guys spent money for the charity, helped sport schools, somebody waited for a kid… And we blame ourselves that we did not ask, did not write. It is necessary to do everything in appropriate time.

Seven years have passed.

Not, time does not heal. Time teaches. It teaches to appreciate every moment of the life, happiness, when you have a chance to meet with family, friends, help people and make the world better place. And just to help. Because one day there moments could be killed by terrible thing. And we cannot doing anything. But maybe this tragedy will help us to understand quiet things.

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. Our family members.