Coaches usually did not make changes in playoffs but in our case these substitutions happened after injuries. That’s why Vladislav Provolnev dressed up for game #6 instead of Mikhail Grigoryev. It was the same game as the five previous, SKA created more chances, but the speed was even. Teams played very accurate with a not big amount of penalties.

SKA does not like this kind of a game. Mikhail Kotlyarevsky, Slava Leshchenko had an opportunities to open the scoreboard. In the end of the second frame Nikita Gusev found the way to put the puck into our net. SKA played very accurate securing this goal that could become decisive in this series. Later in the third Sergei Plotnikov seemed to kill all our hopes but soon Ilya Zubov cut the lead. In final seconds we did our best but cannot turn the game to overtime.

It was a great ‘do or die’ fight, hope we can make it better next year!

Spartak – SKA – 1:2 (0:0, 0:1, 1:1)

Goals: 0:1 Gusev (Zub, Maltsev, 35:41), 0:2 Plotnikov (Datsyuk, Gusev, 57:35), 1:2 Zubov (Hanzl, 58:44)