С 14.00 26.06.2019 по 10.00 27.06.2019 ведутся технические работы. Приносим извинения за доставленное неудобство.

On December 22, Spartak will host fourth annual Retro-match dedicated to birth date of our club. That time we will play against HC Sochi and fans will turn to the atmosphere of 90’s years. It was difficult time for our country, people in raspberry-red blazers, and hockey players in the queue at Sheremetyevo airport…

Spartak designer Kirill Klimov told us about logo of this game:
- “We made the logo in style of that decade. It was a crucial time for graphic designers, economics needed better logos and better promotions. Therefore, designer become a very prestigious profession. The era of personal computers helped people to create logos by their own using first versions of Photoshop and other software. It was time of bad taste, so we included it in our logo. It’s a mirror of Russian 90’s, raspberry color, neon font for the ‘Game’ and it’s all about”.

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